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Why Is Fire Equipment Maintenance Important?

Few people are prepared to spend money on fire equipment maintenance. They recognize the importance, but are unwilling to spend money on it. Maintaining the equipment so that it is in excellent condition is akin to insurance, which is very important, but few people are willing to spend money on it. One reason behind the failure to invest in the maintenance of such equipment could probably be due to ignorance. When it is properly maintained and in excellent condition, the fire equipment shall work in the correct manner, right when it should. Failure to maintain it would be risky, as it might not offer much help when it should.

Fire safety equipment is installed in many places, including homes, business premises, vehicles, airplanes, ships, trains, and sporting facilities among others. It ensures that a breakout of fire can be quickly handled and put off before calling the experts or the local fire department. The equipment is akin to a first-aid kit. It is the first tool that any person can use to fight fires before they grow in size and intensity. Proper maintenance of such equipment ensures the safety of people and property. Proper maintenance should never be a once-in-a-while event, but rather a regular activity that takes place on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Regular inspections of the fire fighting equipment Frankston is very important to ascertain that it functions well and is not at risk of malfunction when it is needed. Maintenance and inspection tasks are not to be performed by untrained individuals. After all, untrained individuals do not know what to look for when inspecting the equipment. Organizations should take their workers to training so that they are able to do the inspection. Alternatively, and to guarantee that proper inspection has taken place, this task should be left to professional inspectors. In many cases, the installer or his agent is responsible for inspection or providing training regarding inspection. 

When fire extinguishers fail to work as they should, or the alarm panels do not provide warning to the occupants of a building as they ought to, what might have been a small and insignificant fire could turn into a major catastrophe. Proper and detailed fire extinguisher maintenance requires checking the fire detection systems. The fire alarm systems have to be checked to see whether they are in excellent condition. The emergency systems as well as escape lighting systems need to be checked during each inspection to ascertain that they function properly. During inspection, the fire hydrants, extinguishers, and door release mechanisms are tested.

Finally, checking and maintaining good fire fighting and safety equipment is a very important issue, which needs to take place regularly. In fact, the maintenance services should take place round the clock, and not as one-offs. The maintenance and inspection should be undertaken by trained personnel. To save on the costs of inspection and maintenance, some organizations prefer taking their workers for training. On the other hand, there are times when despite the best training, the inspection and maintenance should be left to professionals.