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Considering the ways and means in which we could be threatened, security is of utmost importance. Apart from our safety, we need to protect our valuables as well, most of which we keep at lockers and safes at our place. Security doors are a very important feature in modern homes. Installed with alarms and deadlocks, security doors should be tough and well equipped to resist anyone from breaking in. The question is whether we give our doors that much importance? You will notice that people give preference to fancy doors with colorful veneers and ply rather than opting for ones that are tough and sturdy. In such a case, we make it easy for burglars and thieves to break into our apartment and rob us off all our valuables.

We try our best to keep ourselves and our priced possessions safe. Be it fancy alarms or metal lockers with passwords, we have tried it all. The question is whether we have been successful in accomplishing that complete security from burglars that we wish to achieve. Reports suggest we have failed. It has a lot to do with the quality of doors. It has been observed that doors with a wooden layer at the outside are very much in vogue. The sad part is that these doors might be fanciful to look at but they are not force resistant. Doors have two primary objectives. The first one is to allow people and things to enter and leave. The second objective is to protect the members of the house from any unwanted intruders. These doors fulfill the former objective but fail to fulfill the latter one. A hard punch or kick is all it takes to break these doors open. It is time we started opting for security doors instead of fancy ones.

Doors made of wood are quite resistant but eventually they do succumb to the force applied on them. Steel doors are known to be very powerful and they can withstand huge force. However, it is not possible to have steel doors at homes. These doors are apt for places like banks and museums. It is important we start thinking about security doors. Not only this, security doors maintenance involves some thinking as well. We should make sure all latches and bolts work perfectly. All parts should be corrosion-free.

Security doors usually have a lot to For extremely important purposes, diamond lead doors can be used. They are strong and durable. The doors should be installed with proper alarms that can alert the neighborhood or the local police in case anyone tries to break in. Not just to our homes, doors to the cupboards and lockers should also be very strong. It is but wise and judicious that we spend some time and money in fixing this problem. If not, we could be the next victim for such burglars who take full advantage of the weak security system prevalent around us. We might act ignorant saying that our neighborhood is free from such activity. The truth is that you never know what might befall you the very next moment. What you consider to be a safe and secure zone could well be the hunting ground for such burglars. It is always better to be safe than sorry.